10.30.12 Five Guys (not the burger joint) met together

Leadership Development (equipping the saints)Integrated Ministry (go into all the nations) and Church planting (disciple-making disciples….who make disciples)

a group of five of us met in our church office to prayerfully put into play a mechanism to Biblically qualify pastors and ministry leaders to lead and support multiple church communities.

We want to reflect a pattern of discipleship. When most churches grow, they grow around a pastor, a worship team, a children’s ministry, youth group, college group or etc. The pattern for growth then becomes reliant on the program. We want the pattern to reflect discipleship.

When most churches grow they increase administrative, building and program costs and  – We would like our church community to reflect that God uses people not places and therefore never increasing our administrative, building or program costs – but rather reflect future giving patterns toward mobilizing people not pouring it into places. God uses people not places.

We also recognized the need for both formal and informal Biblical education to be reflected in our values as we come together as The Church. This is best verified when the visible identity of our spiritual DNA reveals discipleship. There is an end to discipleship – it is found in The Church….”disciples making disciple-making disciples”.

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