1. Cats don’t bark 2. For every expert there is an equal and opposite expert (Voltaire) 3. “I think we ought to give a round of applause to our newest and bestest buddy and big toe…” 4. We are willing to pay more for the things we want than the things we need. 5. The only people who read blogs are the ones who write them. 6. Give the devil an inch and he’ll become your ruler. 7. It’s not “what God wants us to do” in so much as it’s “how He wants us to respond to what He’s already done.” 8. The Creator does not place hope in the stock market…. 9. Its not the “high cost of living,” it’s the “cost of living high”. 10. The definition of foolishness is the basic wrong belief that one must separate himself apart from God to fill his emotional tank.” 11. And the things of this world will grow strangely dim…in the light of his glory and grace….. 12. There are three types of surfers; Those who stand on the shore, those who sit in the water and those who ride waves… 13. The only way to understand “what His will is” after much contemplation, after seasons of study, after leaps of faith, after it all is to climb into the lap of God, lay your head on His chest, put your ear to His heart and listen to His heart beat….

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