Psalms 121

“I lift my eyes up….up to the mountains…my help comes from you…Creator of the earth…”

All too often our vision is funneled… limiting us, turning us into mere horizontal observers. We are relational beings so this is what comes easiest and most naturally.

There may be a season of great loneliness for someone to chance gazing  upward into the heavens for strength,comfort & direction.

But understanding God-the Creator’s longing heart for relationships & connections is the only way one who leads will have any sense of direction worth following.

And only when one realizes their need for help do they have the correct frame of mind to take their eyes off what’s already been created to discover what He who-is-uncreated is capable of doing through them.

Exchange your pursuit of God, for an understanding of the depth of love He has always had for you…even as He pondered your existence before the creation of the world.

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