Notes and Thoughts after sitting with The Rabbi Dr. Randall Smith 

Hebrew (Eikhah/Aha….”oi”/sigh) Septuagint named it “Lamentations”


It is the place in scripture for someone who is contemplating “going in the wrong direction”


1. if you open your door to sin, the view from your window will be skewed


2. people’s view looking from the outside in will be one of disgust


3. When it all falls apart, if I walk in disobedience, I open myself up to judgement. Sin has a price.


4. Do not mistreat Holy things. Do not hear the wrong part of a righteous Message


Jeremiah’s wife and children killed, his people carted off into slavery. His king marched off with his eyes poked out into slavery…. Books, authors, commentaries treat the symptoms not the disease.


Biblical worldview – to live a life more abundantly by trading a yoke of spiritual “self/slavery” for the yoke of Jesus Christ. Take up your cross daily = daily death


First of three things in the first chapter


1. The High Price of Sin “Holy vs. deterrence”


What happens when I violate my obedience to God’s Word? It opens up with Jeremiah sitting on a hill looking at the vacant city, ravaged temple.


Sin matters. When you kill off a generation the money you were banking on in your social security fund will not be there.


2. Example vs. Experience = the 2 ways to learn (we have negated the example and the generation who has the experience we are not listening to)


3. A warning when my life begins with myself and not God’s Word.


vs. 1. Sitting on a hill. A stalled life. Widow- broken relationship, second half torn apart;,.A life that has stopped. Easy to take advantage of. Half of one’s identity


Satan entices me with that which he cannot deliver. b/c we are more moved by the idea of what God can do than by the commitment and process it takes to get it done.


Ideas of living holy come and go. The commitment to the process is the only measurable value. You have to look back on the process or your life will stall lamenting the consequences. (Hebrews 10:25)


What you see comes from an idea. If the commitment to the process is worth less than the idea itself-you will place a short ceiling that will stunt the growth before you’re even out of the starting blocks.


The process of holiness holds far greater worth than the idea of holiness. The idea of holiness is where we’re at in the church, but there are people who feel wrestles because the walking isn’t matching the talk. We need a walk with Jesus more than others need a talk about Him.


The Mystery of the Gospel/God’s Word is both the standard and the unobtainable answer to the question your mind is incapable of asking.


Holy things need to be taken literally, seriously.


A parent says to their child, “don’t do that or else…don’t do that or else…don’t do…” It is a game. God says “This is our standard when our value of holiness looses it’s standard.”


Vs. 2 – “have become her enemies…” If I walk out on my family, leave my marriage-abandon my children. You become my enemies.


Vs. 3 -Holiness looses it’s meaning when we are not afraid of God (kicked out, enslaved…) mistreating holy things creates physical problems


There is a generation developing who doesn’t plan ahead. (I don’t need to follow the directions, I just type in the address)


3b 4- defeated (no one comes to the appointed feast) There will always be opportunity. “Her gates are desolate”…why go to the gates when I can get God’s word texted to me each day….what????


What happens in society when flying by the seat of your pants isn’t fast enough? Rationale-Logic = planning/discernment. We the church, are here. Why study the Bible when I can get the bullet points? Why study the Bible when all I need to know is this one verse, “this is what is means to me” You are a part of the royal priesthood, yet sit outside the city gate, beg for a hand-out are satisfied! Furthermore our churches have been teaching hand-outs not the what’s in the book. The Bible tells us everything we need to know for a life of godliness-we just want someone else to do the work.


We have replaced The Jesus of the Bible in our churches with the Jesus who is more attractive-streamlined-easy to understand…the problem: attraction fades, that measure of success can only get faster and easier to understand leads to boredom.


.Vs. 5 – Giving ammunition against God. Your reaction matters to the generations. “The Lord caused it…” God will not allow us to take advantage of holy things forever.


Vs. 6- “Her little ones have gone away…” Who’s really paying for messed up marriages? unpaid debt? There is not “stick-to-it-ness” to a person who’s never seen a family struggling to be as God defines it.


“They flee the pasture” We go where the grass is greener. If you don’t commit to your lawn what makes you think the grass on the other side of the fence will be any better that day after you’ve taken it over?”


Marriage: Are you supposed to be happy every day? Did someone invent some new sin that makes it harder to stay married? Ecc. – there is nothing new under the sun


Vs. 7 “…Jerusalem remembers…” Take responsibility before the only that’s left is the memory that something was great once…”


The photo albums of your life become pictures of sorrow, anguish, an empty life if they’ve preceded a point in past where you’ve given up and walked away. That moment defines you. It stops your life. “…all her precious things…” your happy memories will be wiped away never to even be remembered.


Vs. 8 “…shame…” She didn’t even have the decency nor the care to clean herself up and everybody knew it


Vs. 9 “no concern for the future” The enemy whispers “nobody will know” The enemy puts it on the front-page news for every one to read.


I need to be careful. To think clearly about what I do with what I’ve been given. My values are visible to everyone who’s watching what I do with my life made holy. It is the question before God, “How did this happen?” We did to find the sinful bedrock-the place that following Jesus leads us to.


stop calling for revival and listen to the voice that calls you to repentance. God is in charge of revival-you are responsible to a holy life.


We darken the room of our lives just a little…and our eyes adjust to the light.


The reason for lamentations is that, “when you open the box it comes with a warning label”….Iron: “do not iron clothes while you are wearing them”


In the absence of relational responsibility common sense and logic will create a society of foolish litigation and a culture of responsibly absent communities \


The living standard is holiness because God says it is right.




10- See my affliction?…..God is silent


God’s not at your beck and call, He’s not your genie in a bottle, If you’re not following the instructions he first gave you what makes you think he’s gonna give you more to steward for his glory?


11 “I am despised” When the church decides to live outside of God’s Word our prosperity will evaporate quicker than we can respond. The Church is responsible for the economy, for the nation b/c you and I live here and Jesus is God. We don’t need to make other countries a democracy-but we do need to wash their feet.


Every Sunday we are responsible for the ministry of encouragement and perseverance because the moment we open this book – everything changes. why? b/c Jesus changes everything!!!!


13 – …my bones hurt…God never intended for your body to go through the paint it does. It is the result of a sinful world beginning at the garden. Sometimes the weight of our guilt, our shame is felt. David said this after his sin with Bathsheba. I Cor 11 Annais, Sephira – God doesn’t play games


What is it we are asking God to do? a 5 star cruise through our sin? 2/3 of this book is about holiness


14 – God has trapped me


15-16 – removal of strength and blessing. Blessing = your responsibility to the next generation and generations to come


The more I trust in what is visible the more my value of holiness fades away


18-22 Turning point


18- Righteous recognition comes after i surrender. surrendering hurts.


There’s no life line to throw anywhere except to Jesus- but that means surrender


Take the world but give me Jesus


Revival comes after responsibility is taken. God defines what it look like- you define what it does!!!!


Our problem is not the lost- it is the saved! When God moves-He moves in the hearts of the saved. That when the lost are able to see that which I cannot explain. Our churches don’t need more bodies, they need Jesus. we don’t need a building-we need Jesus, not a bigger budget-but an army of surrendered soldiers! surrendered unto Jesus Christ.


Pray for the bride. Take responsibility for her, if this is where we see the wife of Jehovah listen to it! change direction! take responsibility for the bride of Christ.


We repent for treating lightly a holy thing!


Lamentations is a guy raging about one thing. It’s a bugle and a warning from God. A message-this is what happens. These are my people. You my sons and daughters listen…..

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