Remembering Lessons


When I think of King David the image that first pops up is the boy who killed Goliath. Very rarely do I think of him as an example of the type of father I don’t want to be. It seems the root of failure to be what God calls me to be is found in one word, “procrastination.”

At least it was in David’s case. …I rarely look at King David “the dad”…but again, after one of the most beneficial learning sessions with PastorRandy-here are 6 principles at the end of David’s life. “If we fail to give something of high priority our first thought-than second in importance will take it’s place.”

I Kings 1-2 1. vs. 1-4 Procrastination will cause us to miss important opportunities-our focus is not on accomplishment, but on avoiding our focus. -David didn’t take care of who was next on the throne

2. vs. 5-10 Procrastinating on being strategic and deliberate causes confusion and hurt -Adonijah was never talked to, he just assumed (vs. 6)(Randy, “David had chosen Solomon but never taught Adonijah how to be a good brother to his king.”)

3. vs. 11-21 Procrastinating to declare our priorities causes doubt, fear, frustration for everyone involved. (“Where there is no vision-people perish.” Proverbs 29:18) -He promised Solomon, but didn’t follow throughwith it.

4. vs. 29-40 Procrastinating to live up to your promise makes your integrity questionable.

5. vs. 41-53 Not communicating your vision as a leader of your house, your ministry, your life leaves the legacy open to peril. 6. Chapter 2:1-12 Procrastinating to pass on the truth putsothers lives in danger.

Procrastination on my part will keep my kids away from the Lord and my marriage out of His hands. I don’t want to be that way! The measure of a successful pursuit can only be determined ten years down the road. Each day I must lay my wife and children at the foot of the cross-they are the Lord’s.

The only way I can love them, guide and serve them as the man God wants me to be at 37 is know I am incapable of doing it without my ear constantly listening to the heartbeat of my Savior. My success is His glorification-my blessing is that He allowed me to be a part of it.

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