Col. 1:28-29 will change your life!

“We proclaim him admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this I labor struggling with all his energy which powerfully works in me.”

Fantastic verse! I love it!

The song….? “Fake Empire” -in some ways we’ve created an empire unto ourselves. Let’s come together to exalt The Father, through The Son, by the power of The Holy Spirit.

1. We proclaim him…(the mission, the vision, the direction).

2. So that we…(the reason, the measure, the result)

3. To this I labor…(the commitment, the process)

4. His energy…(the gauge, the process)

5. …Powerfully at work in me (the evidence, the evaluation)

May I never be challenged in my service to “the called out group” in wasting precious moments inside the box given under the confines of dreamless institutions. However, I know I have and I know I will.

Let’s not be found guilty in merely eating the fruit of our labor with bigger buildings, bodies and budgets. We have institutionalized the grass-roots movements to see God do “God things” and reaped a harvest of seedless fruit.

No follower of Jesus can reach the point they are operating beyond their innate-giftedness outside of the Body of Christ. Yet, this is what we are called to. The Body of Christ must exalt The Father through Jesus, edify the Body of Christ through “koinonia” and empower the believer towards the Great Commission. So that the world may “know”.


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