“Leaders, with no followers, are just out for a walk.”

[I heard some Barna stat] 90% of adults left the church during the 1990’s.  a true story..
pastor sent an email out to the congregation saying, “I give up! I’m closing this church’s doors! This is our last Sunday!” If that’s what the pastor is saying, I wonder what the people are thinking??? After all-aren’t ‘we-the-peeps’ supposed to “be the church?”

It got me thinking about the verse in Luke (6:40) “…anyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher…” Now I’ve blundered more leadership-opps than had successful ones. I’ve also followed around some real dead-beats. Here are the downer-characteristics of a bad leader…and this is in my case-not necessarily in the case of others.  And remember it is most evident in scripture that God uses the ‘least-of-these’ to do great things. God’s not looking for leaders-He uses those who have surrendered wholeheartedly.

In my own days (all things related to the church family) these are some of the reasons I sometimes find myself “just out for a walk”

1. Micromanagment-this occurs when a leader doesn’t lead with vision.

2. When programs provide the relationships vs. the people.

3. When “the motions” are identified.

4. When opinions steer the ship and vision/direction fit the mold.

5. When the appearance of worship replaces the need for it.

When we choose to live our lives hidden in Christ (rather than hiding Christ in our lives) we operate inside the spiritual gifts God waits to steward in us. Spiritual gifts can spot an idiot a mile away and can tell when your worship stinks.

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