Genesis (first scroll study)

Copy, Paste, Study

Genesis Study

God started all there is from His mind alone. (God is and God spoke). This book is not “top-shelf literature” for the intellectuals it is not science-it is best understood by children because God says what he did and that’s that!

  1. There is no proof offered b/c God’s not interested in the debate. “I’m saying…I just created it.”
    1. Romans chapter 1 gets into when we turn away from the invisible-we turn away from the beginning.
    2. Faith is seeing it as God says it is not what I see it to be.

Out of the 50 chapters Genesis is 10 scrolls with a prologue (Prologue Geneis 1:1-2:3 The pattern of the seven days) A day of rest-not a specific day. just a specific “rest”.

The story of creation is the backdrop for the opening scene-Man and his fall.

1:10, 12, 18- It was good. God said sat back after creating and said, This is good! This is my biggest problem with churches in this generation You are not a spare part-you are a sanctuary of the Living God! And something happens when we come together as Christians-or at least it should! We have to remember something….His purpose is not ours (Col 1:16, Ps. 118, 139). Yet we seem to think that this Body of Christ can function without one or two of it’s members contributing to it-Not so! Yet that’s how we operate! We seem to think that our neighbors, our communities our country can make decisions w/out our help-No, and I’m not talking about our vote…I’m talking about our lives! You are a part of the Greatest Biggest Masterpiece impossible to concieve in the mind of man-and without your life lived through Christ it is impossible to complete! (Ephesians 3:20)

Sadly to say I believe we are a part of a generation of consuming christians…It started when we began arguing over which kind of music we should be singing to on Sunday mornings. We chose churches that played our style….churches got more into “style” but forgot that “styles go out!” Now all we have are a bunch of church’s playing out of style music to another generation who say, “why do I need to go to church-their music sounds like the kind of crap played in the 90’s….and the Word of God took a back seat-so much so that during the 1990’s 90% of adults left the church.  There are still a  whole lot of places on Sunday  just filled with spectators who consume.  With all the bells and whistles we try to attatch to a Worship Experience we have taken away people’s ability to create by giving them another program to consume! 

We need to stop, turn off the web, the tube or the radio and walk through our days knowing that the one who created all that we can see, more that we don’t  even have the technology to produce-and know “He is still creating.” Our walk must begin here (the Word of God) and out of the Word of God-our story, our song-praising our Savior all the day long!  He created so that we might create-not just consume. We are created in His image. Creation creates community, Consuming communities just implode.

1:1-2:3- Account of 7 days

2:4- Account of heaven and earth

2:4- What went wrong with heaven and earth? Something went horribly wrong (Beth Shelem)

God made man to do two things: 1. Guard and 2. Cultivate (Genesis 2:15) Somehow we messed this simple thing up-we believe the lucky ones are the ones who don’t have to work, who get to take it easy in life. We are made in the image of the Creator and therefore we must create. We are made to accomplish something! Prayer is work (we haven’t really worked very hard at this job), Spiritual work is done with spiritual tools and if the spiritual work is not done-the foundation of both a Biblical and moral worldview will crumble-and has.

2:18- God knows your needs before you do. Man gave the animals names ( he took an inventory of what he was asked to steward, God wanted him to value creation before he gaurded it, before he cultivated it for his own needs. Man had to go through the circumstances before he could reach the conclusion there was no one he could share with (your work, your pain, your struggle is what identifies your needs-your apathy in comfort is what leads us to our material wants).

God’s original design is for us to be serving the solution not the problem. We are so caught up in living life in Plan B because we messed up Plan A so badly-all too often we are not able to focus on which way was/is up! But remember, Plan B is grace-it a gift of God through Jesus Christ we cannot earn. Our plan B is now God’s plan A- we just had to walk through the circumstances to get to the point where we believe.

Chapter 3 (there is a difference in the pain of shame). Shame comes from willfully walking away from the center of God’s irreducible minimum.

3:1 – Man didn’t show up. Man didn’t guard the garden-satan got in! God put the system in place and man didn’t show up for work!


  1. The first sin was man not taking responsibility for the home and for his future community
  2. The heart of deception is “God’s holding out on me”-I will forge my path outside his designed life for me, family, community.
  3. Your failure to lead will guarantee the failure of generations (discipleship happens for better or worse)

Maturity- “Being developed fully for our age.” It is how you act and react to where you are in life (physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually).

There are five stages to maturity

–          You can’t skip a stage (you can only remain in the present one)

–          Human responsibility of community and individual

–          Can’t get there ahead of time, you can’t run through the stages-there is only walking (time)

–          The ‘ideal’ is get to the next step in god time to test it awhile

–          We need a reliable mage/guide (i.e. my kids think I know where I’m going)

–          Truths- 1. Maturity is not a value 2. We live now-ready or not 3. The process was easier before (and gets harder as you go)


  1. Infant- how to learn to “get” w/out earning. Infants have to learn how to rest and synchronize, how to quiet themselves down and take joy where they’re at, they need to express appropriate needs. THE GOAL: I want a strong I.D. so I can laugh and rest.
  2. Children- (most men are children)needs to know what they need and how to ask for it. They need to learn from their family and who they are (history, map)GOAL: learn to take care of himself (some wait for armor/some put rocks in slings)
  3. Adult- learning to satisfy myself and someone else, not haughty nor intimidated, mature adults reflect good character traits, adults want to make a difference in someone life, “I have to learn how my actions impact the world around me and adjust accordingly”.
  4. Motherhood and fatherhood are the peak of one’s adult life. You have to know how to give and not receive like you used to. You need to be honest saying I love more than my life. As a dad I reflect God to my family. GOAL: To guide, to give—b/c you get to.
  5. Elder- when you can look at the community as your responsibility. The elder resychronizes the community after the disaster. GOAL: To help the community grow up.

3:6- The enemy gets you to feel a need that wasn’t there before.

3:8- Distance follows sin

3:10- Afraid of Judgement. The Domino Effect-means you don’t play anymore after one’s tipped over.

3:15- God has a plan to provide for man.  Her “seed”. Her child will crush you-you’ll wound him. Victory and shame was covered by death.

3:16- The reproductive systems not about having babies. Your desire will be to take the man’s job.

God’s design for VALUES (creating a legacy worth leaving-apply it to every circle of involvement)

  1. Our view of the bio and enviro implications of our core development
  2. Explore the purpose and impact on values in our daily lives
  3. Create a value plan to measure maturity and godliness


  1. The quest for more knowledge
  2. The desire to make, save and spend money
  3. The desire to set yourself free and express your uniquie abilities, talents and expertise
  4. The need for love
  5. The desire for power to feel safe and secure
  6. An organized, results-producing setting

VALUES: Determine how we behave. They are a result of associations.


  1. Socialization
    1. Family (ages 3-7 pesonality is formed)
    2. Education
    3. Peer Groups
    4. Mass Media

INDIVIDAUAL VARIABLE “If I could get 25 other people to have the same value as I have, then we could really do something…”

POINTS THAT PULL US AWAY FROM OUR TASK- (The operating family inside the community)Past, Present, People, Personality – (people who have sinned against me (the leaves of sin will blow over onto your lawn)


  1. Circumstances currently
  2. Who’s and What’s in your life (positive/negative)
  3. What part of my personality do I need to change? (You’re a horse 3x-buy a saddle)
  4. Where am I going to get hit by the family? (You change first)

Wrong responses to responsibility

  1. I’m claiming the promise-denial
  2. I wasn’t meant to be successful-“I don’t want to work”-laziness
  3. Victimization
  4. “Bail me Out!”


  1. I have to resist what I want
  2. Grip reality
  3. I have to commit to the goal and endure the process
  4. I have to make choices based on the values not circumstances
  5. God defines success: Time, Talent and Treasure: Relationship + Revelation+Responsibility = Good Choices.  God is in charge of the GOAL. I am in charge of the journey getting there.

MOBILIZING visible values: (loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage)

  1. Loyalty-bear true faith and allegience
  2. Duty- fulfill your obligations (resist taking shortcuts)
  3. Respect- treat people as they should be treated (how they need to be treated not how they want to be treated)
  4. Selfless service (not about you, although you spend every waking moment on yourself)
  5. Integrity- You are the same when no one is looking
  6. Personal Courage- Doing what needs to be done without waiting for someone else to do it.
  7. Honor- The highest military award.
    1. Prioritize-what you’re doing
    2. Plan-how you’re doing it
    3. Program-what you’re doing it through
    4. Process-practice and evaluation
    5. Prioritize

REACHING THE LOST: Equipping and Empowering. (The cost: a masterpiece you are not in charge of painting)

  1. Do not measure success in numbers. Success is based on my ability to be friendly.
  2. Faith is a risk but risk is not always faith driven.
  3. Home is where the heart is. Therefore ask if your home is friendly first.
  4. Good intentions do not produce spiritual results
  5. Spiritual results are measured spiritually not visibly
  6. Surround yourself spiritually b/c you will be alone.
  7. Military Strategy against Terror Cells: The most effective way to impact a community is involving the houses on your street through relationships.
  8. God uses people not places
  9. Prayer changes everything-let the people pray. And let them know you’re praying.
  10. DO THE OPPOSITE: “It seems as though one’s primary objective is to first go to work thinking how to get out of work.”


Genesis 3  (2:15 – Guard it, Cultivate it)

3:1 –the paired value to “sensible/crafty” is “emotional/manipulative”. Satan went to the woman.

3:6- attack the cognitive and the emotional will be loose.

On down the line

“To build a strong and stable building-you need a strong foundation that everyone agrees on”

We’re called to go upstream-it’s hard, but only the dead fish go with the flow”

-God’s people have lost the foundation. We know what we think, but aren’t sure where it comes from (soundbyte doctrine).

-What music plays in the christian home is the same that’s played in the secular home (movies, tv shows)

–          The problem isn’t knowledge. The problem is submission

3:6 “Adam was right there”

3:16 “You will long for your husbands job”

3:17 – what you guard will seek to become constantly ungaurded. Literally the Hebrew says it will be pain to get something to eat. 

Genesis 4

Submission before Sacrifce (Isamuel 15:22-)

4:6 –choice: like father like son. Apathy gives way to sin. It will go on.

4:26 – A choice.

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One Response to Genesis (first scroll study)

  1. dsmock73 says:

    Great post…got me thinking with that whole “consuming communities” concept. If we stay focused on the truth, rather than the package for that truth, greatness results in our efforts.

    It’s true that the package will shift, but if we’re consistently engaged with the culture, our worship evolves as time moves on. What does not change is the object of that worship.

    No more Zubaz churches, yes?

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